Pre-Departure Checklist

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Below, you will find a list of items and activities that you will need to take care of as you prepare to depart for your study abroad program. Please keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive and that your program will require action on your part above and beyond this list. Check your Pitt email for any important messages from your program manager.

  • Attend a Pre-Departure Meeting
  • Turn in your agreement and pay your deposit
  • Get courses approved with your academic advisor(s)
  • Flight booked (with program manager approval)
  • Flight information questionnaire completed and uploaded to study abroad profile (
  • Visit to primary care physician and any other medical providers
  • Medication in order
  • Immunizations complete (if necessary)
  • Medical Report complete
  • Budget made!
  • Banks / credit card companies notified
  • Read and reviewed Health, Safety, and Security Information at
  • Passport and visa in order
  • Copies of passport made and left with someone trustworthy
  • Passport questionnaire complete at
  • Program-specific tasks (Instructions sent from Program Manager and/or 3rd Party Provider)